A practical guide to problem-solving


Problem-solving is an innate activity that we undertake everyday. There are many methodologies for it, most of which we use in the professional world. There is however an underlying method for solving problems of any kind. This book presents that method in a simple manner.

This week, I released a book titled Smart Problem Solving: the complete blueprint. It is a practical book that readers can use in everyday situations to solve problems efficiently and effectively. …

In theory, chatbots and their kin, are a great idea with obvious advantages. Their implementation however can leave a lot to be desired. Do they really add the value they purport to do? Or are they just more information-junk that is littering the info-verse?

Accustomed to more traditional options, I recently took the proverbial plunge and decided to try out chat options for customer support. Reflecting on my experiences, I look at the good, the bad, and the ugly side of online chat, as it relates to customer service.

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The Good

A chatbot is an automated program that interacts with customers, usually…

Sense and consequence

As per the news today, the Big Six of the Premier League have signed up to the proposed European Super League with Juventus (Agnelli was the proponent so no surprises here), Inter, AC Milan, Real, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Just when we thought the expanded Champions League format would end this prospect, it seems more real than ever. Is it greed or an evolution?

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European Super League — Greed?

From the emerging proposals, the ESL will be a closed competition of 12 (or some more) clubs who will play ESL games in midweek while also playing in their respective domestic leagues.

The move has understandably…

The Prince, The Country and The Tactician

TotalFootball brings the GoalPost series which this time features 3 videos from the TotalFootball YouTube playlist that are interesting and informative .

“crowd watching football game inside the stadium” by Mitch Rosen on Unsplash

Sheffield United — an owner’s perspective


In light of Chris Wilder’s exit from Sheffield United by “mutual consent”, this interview by Prince Abdullah puts forward the owner’s perspective. A very calm and well-balanced interview that shows his views and gives an insight into how clubs operate and how owners thing. An authentic interview worth watching in full.

My View

Football is a business. While we see the spectacle, behind the scene there is someone paying for that. A person or a group has invested money in…

Why alternative paths deserve design attention

No one likes to experience a “No”. Rejection and acceptance however are two sides of the same coin. In any interaction, where there is criteria based acceptance, there is by definition, also a rejection path. I classify three types of rejection paths along a spectrum and reflect on implications of each path for experience design.

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Firm (general, immutable)

Anchoring one end of the spectrum is the firm “No” — as in the “No means No” type “No”. This is common in mass-transactional and compliance scenarios. The focus here is clarity and command. A “no” signal is communicated directly and unambiguously. …

Actual Place, Actual Thing

“When I have spent too much time in a conference room, that’s generally when things have gone awry. When I go to spend time on the factory floor, or really using the cars, thinking about the rockets, that’s where things have gone better.”

Elon Musk exhorted CEOs and leaders to spend more time on the frontline. In a rather high profile way, his comment brought to light the importance LEAN places on going to the gemba. In this post, I look at this powerful concept and its centrality to LEAN operations.

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Genchi Genbutsu

The word gemba comes from Japanese and literally means

Living life on the Likert-scale

There are many philosophies on life. It’s a complex subject that is also, by definition, idiosyncratic. Everyone has their own experiences which result in their own philosophies and world-views. One common understanding of life is that it has cycles — ups and downs, peaks and troughs, highs and lows.

I put this theory to a test. I ranked every year of my life and found some conclusions which were surprising, and then also not.

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Down memory lane — with a rating scale

All of us periodically reflect on the time that has passed. Since we are human, this will always be subjective and dependent on how we are…

Individuals, teams and ideals that defined and crafted the Beautiful Game as we know it today

Superlative Football salutes the finest exponents of football by featuring seven mini-essays on players, coaches, teams and ideals that encapsulated the brilliance, beauty and wonder of the world’s most popular game.

Based on the TotalFootball blog, the book features the best acclaimed posts, repurposed into a narrative and edited to suit a book format. Featuring original artwork and full colour print, the book is ideal for reference or as a gift for anyone who loves football.

Kindle and paperback editions now available on Amazon.

While this is good, what about bringing back the ability for publication authors to contact authors for their publication? This was available earlier when a nicely worded message automatically went out — but and was later removed. It was very useful. Please reinstate.

It’s about timing and precision

Employee reward and motivation. There is an entire field dedicated to this study. It can get very elaborate. While there is a place for that, employee motivation can often be about the small things. Paying attention to an insightful detail can yield a disproportionate benefit, at a negligible cost. I reflect back on two experiences to illustrate.

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The better pen

I often use this learning as a reference point. It’s years old but still relevant. The department I was working in had a restructure. The reduction in admin staff meant that admin functions were split across various individuals, as additional responsibilities. …

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